September 19, 2013


In This Week's Issue:

Eight pages of news and events from, and important to, the local community including a meth bust leading to a court appearance.

On the front page – Local author has new book and a search is on in the local area for an escaped prisoner.

In other news – National Farm Safety and Health Week, Cork and Linda Goby journey to the Rivieras, Blue Suede Crew performing at Victory Church, the outcome of the Christian Church breakfast fund-raiser, Charleston Speedway results, Athletes of the Week, new construction in Newman, Debbie Griffin to address PCH/FMC cancer group, Parkland named to nationwide military-friendly schools list, and more!

Regular columns include Tim Hendershot covering the first win for Titans football, Raiders volleyball hard fought war, Junior Titans football action, and a win for Kile in golf; Health Points announcing the first West Nile related death in Illinois and a "Seat Check Saturday" event; the Newman Council of Churches talking about the importance of Biblical literacy; and there is in the Recipe Corner.