July 18, 2013


Eight pages of news and events from, and important to, the local community including the close of Vacation Bible School.

On the front page - Open house attracts many viewers, school registration notice, and local girl wins Miss Congeniality at Moultrie-Douglas County Fair.

In other news - Changes to upcoming disaster exercise in Douglas County, Catholic Charities "Back-to-School Mobile" returns to Shiloh School, PCH/FMC donates computers to local organizations, Newman Legion roof project progress, happenings at the Oaks Manor, sports drinks and tooth health, the I & I Antique Tractor Show in Penfield, new Shiloh football era starts, Charleston Speedway recap, JFL schedule, risk management deadline remains unchanged, root damage in trees, Chapin Rose issues statement regarding guaranteed rate profits, results of Douglas County roadside safety check are in, living historians recognize service during the 60's and 70's, and Douglas County CUB Clinic a success.

Regular columns include the Newman Council of Churches talking about desires, Dr. Sally Foote discussing pets and the aftermath of the Fourth of July, and there is Irish Cream Pound Cake in the Recipe Corner.